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EPA Certified Lead-Safety/Renovation/Repair/Paint

Be advised that, Homes built in 1978 and earlier were painted with the latest paint technologies.  Today that technology is causing some home owners to take the necessary action, due to the adverse health affects of the lead that was, at the time leading edge technology.  Since 2010 The EPA and The Washington State Department of Commerce along with L&I  have taken the needed steps to protect home owners, and rental tenants of those homes, from the consequences of disturbing lead based paints. Simply log on to epa.gov/getleadsafe or for those in Vancouver, Wa call me and I will give you a copy of the booklet: The Lead-Safe Certified Guide To RENOVATE RIGHT at no charge.  Call Today and ask for Brian.

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What are some things that you can expect on your project?
  • After Testing For No Presence of Lead, Power wash siding to remove dirt and mildew.
  • Chemical treat mildew on tough spots as needed.
  • Remove caulk and dry rot at failed areas or repair as needed.
  • Apply new high grade expandable exterior caulk at prep areas.
  • Nail loose siding and trim boards as needed.
  • Primer bare wood before painting.
  • Mask all windows, doors, lights and cover plants and concrete.
  • We spray apply 100% Acrylic Latex Paint at 2-3 mils dft. 
  • Custom colors may be extra due to suppliers costs.
  • We back roll vertical siding for a better finish.
  • We brush and or roll trim colors.
  • We mask and spray apply door colors.
  • Includes power washing of sidewalks, decks, and driveway as desired.
  • We provide a 24 hour notice to neighbors prior to power washing and painting to allow them time to move their vehicles.
  • We removal all our debris from the site each day.